This video (requires Microsoft Media Player)shows students talking about a previous event at the British Museum.


Interview with Student 1

Student 1: At the British Library, we were making up spells like Harry Potter spells and I put little words from different languages and other words together to make a completely different word. And I made it into a spell.

Student 1 at the table with Tim, the tutor

Student 1: How about autonomous?

Tim: Autonomous, yeah that's right. That's where you're in charge of yourself. So what's the critical… what's the morpheme that you would use for saying that it reflects back on yourself?

Student 1: Manual or Auto.

Tim Yeah, auto, that's right. Auto is like self direction.

Interview with Student 2

Student 2: I've had a chance to meet new people and I've had lots of fun making new words and I've learnt new words.

Camera focuses on student working

Student 1: Monday, Tuesday…

Interview with Student 3

Student 3: I got happiness out of it, I got education out of it, I got friendship out of it as well and I got good partnership because we all had to work together to find new things, we all had to explain it to our friends to make them understand. We had to stick together as a group so there was nobody wandering off and we didn't have to look for them. There was no arguments or fighting, it was just friendliness.

This video shows the response of students who used the How Do You Mean site and old dictionaries at two special sessions at a previous event at the British Museum, where they played games with words, researched words that personally interested them and made up new words using ideas about morphology.