Canting Academy

172 The Canting Dictionary.

Clinker A crafty fellow

Chap'd Dry, or Thirsty

Cackling Farts Eggs

Cobble-colter A Turkey


Dimber Pretty

Damber Rascal

Drawers Stockings

Duds Goods

Deuseavile The Country

Dommerar A Mad-man

Darkmans Night or Evening


or Doxy A Wench

Deuswins Two Pence

Dup To enter or go into an house,

AS Dup the Ken, Enter the House, Dup the Boozing-ken, and booz a gage, go into the Alehouse and drink a pot.

Dancers Stairs

Duseavile-Stampers Country Carriers


Earnest A part or Share

As for example,

Tip me my Earnest, Give me my Share or Divident.


Flicker A Glass

The Canting Dictionary. 173

Flicker-snapt A Glass broken

Flick To Cut

As Flick me some Pannam and Cash; Cut me some Bread and Cheese.

Flick the Peeter. Cut the Cloak-bag

Fam grasp the Cove To agree with an Adversary

Frummagen Choak'd

Filch A Staff with an hole in the end thereof, in which upon occasion, your Rogues will fasten an hook, to pull things cunningly from an Hedge, or through a Casement.

Ferme An hole

Fambles Hands

Famble-cheats Rings or gloves

Flag A Groat

Flog To whip as in Bridewell,

As the Prancer drew the Quire Cove at the Cropping of the Rotam through the Rum pads of the Rum vile, and was flog'd by the Nubbing Cove. That is, The Rogue was drag'd at a Carts arse, Through the chief streets of London, and was soundly whipt by the Hangman.

Fogus Tobacco

As Tip me a gage of Fogus, Give me a pipe of Tobacco

Fencing-Cully A Reveiver of Stoln Goods

Fib To beat,

As Fib the Coves quarrons in the run pad for the lour in his bung. Beat the Man on the high way for the money in his purse. Flog'd at the Tumbler Whipt at the Carts arse.

Fence To Spend

As Fence your Flag, Spend your Groat, Floggin Cove The whipper of Bridewell, or any other that whips people commonly called at Dublin in Ireland Bellores.