An Alphabeticall Table,

expert, skilfull.

expiation, pacifying with satisfaction, purging by sacrifice.

expire, to dye, or give up the ghost, to decay.

explane, to make manifest, or declare

explicate, declare plainely

explicite, made manifest, unfolded.

exploit, enterprise, act, deede.

expose, to offer, or lay open, to hazard.

expostulate, to reason, or chide with, to complaine.

expresly, fitly, manifestly.

exprobration, upbrayding, casting in ones teeth.

expugnable, to be wonne or overcome.

expulse, drive out, or thrust out.

equisite, perfect, fine, singular, curious.

extant, appearing abroad, shewing it selfe.

extasie, a traunce, or sowning



extemporarie, suddaine, without premeditation, or study.

extende, spread forth, prolong, or make longer, to inlarge.

extenuate, lessen, minish, or make lesse.

externall, outward, strange.

extimulate, provoke, prick forward.

extinguish, put out, or quench.

extinct, put out.

extirpate, to pull up by the rootes.

extoll, advance, or praise highly, to lift up.

extort, to wring out, to wrest from by vigilence.

extract, draw out.

extravagant, wandring out of order.

extraordinarie, besides, or more then common custome.

exuberancy, plenty.

exult, bragge, triumph, or leape for joy.

exulcerate, to make sore, or corrupt.


Fabricate, make, fashion.

fabulous, fained, counterfaited, much talked of.

facete, merry conceited.

fact, deede.

facilitie, easines.

faction, devision of people into sundry parts and opinions.

factious, one that doth bussnesse for another.

facultie, license, power, aptnesse, abilitie, fallacie.